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Novice Race Day 2019

LUBC’s Novice Race day this year was another successful addition to the previous races. This year it was held on the 24th November and we were joined by Liverpool John Moores and University of Manchester (who brought two eights for both men and women). We had been preparing our novices with 5am sessions and plenty of land training, to get ready for their first race.

The first division for the novice men started at 12:30. Liverpool University had a top novice men’s eight (coxed by Callum Kemp) as well as a second eight (coxed by Heather Skinner), both raced incredibly well with our top boat finishing first in a time of 2 minutes and 49 seconds with the second eight not too far behind.

The novice women’s division started after lunch (burgers were sold and cooked by LUBC) and we had two boats out again. The top novice women’s eight was coxed by Alex Reilly and the second was coxed by Heather Skinner. Both boats went into the time trial looking strong and our top boat finished first yet again! Overall it was a very successful day with both squads getting their first tastes of victory and all of their hard work paid off!

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