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Following a tough couple months of training in the run up to BUCS, LUBC were keen to show how dedication and hard work can pay off.

There was a lot of anticipation for the Senior Crews, being so close to medalling previously at BUCS, they knew they had to bring their A game. Everyone was in high spirits as the races neared, keen to achieve great results.

BUCS Head was to be the biggest event the Beginner crews were yet to face, and the months leading up had set the Beginners many new and challenging methods of training, both on and off the water. It was exciting to see how they would put so much new knowledge into practice. They certainly did not disappoint.


Division 1

Womens intermediate 8+

The day began in great success, with the Women's intermediate crew made up of Cox Georgia Silver, Lucy Fraser in stroke, Charlie Widdowson in 7, Bekah Hagan in 6, Anna Loughlin in 5, Jess Franklin in 4, Ellie Cater in 3, Grace Newport-Tucker in 2, and Johanna Thielemann in bow seat winning Bronze for LUBC. After consistently coming second all season, the women medalling at BUCS was a huge achievement for the club as a whole.

During the race, the women kept their composure and stayed focused on rowing strong as a team. They knew every second would matter, keeping together the entire way down the course. Motivated by the calls of Cox Georgia Silver, who was able to nail the line of the course and keep the crew moving in tough conditions, the women crossed over the finish line under the cheers of the crowd. Just 17 seconds off silver, the club is incredibly proud of the women's result.

“When Pat told us we had medalled, I think we were all in shock! We were really happy with our race so that was just the cherry on top of it all. We were hugging each other and cheering, it was such a buzz. Nothing beats medalling with your best friends.”- Lucy Fraser, Women's Vice Captain

Mens intermediate 4x

Being the first Men's Intermediate 4x fielded at BUCS since 2018, the crew made up of Sam Pepper in stroke, Joe Aldridge in 3, Oliver Wisbey in 2 and Callum Kemp in bow seat, were very excited to show what sculling boats LUBC could produce following strong performances from the 4+ in previous races.

The men kicked off division 1 with a strong performance, coming 12th overall and missing out on top 10 only by a few seconds to some very big competition from the likes of Reading, Edinburgh and Durham to name a few. This was a great achievement for the Men's intermediate 4x.

“We were happy with the result and look forward to the transition to summer season to see what results we can pull in the future!”- Callum Kemp, Club President

Division 2

Mens intermediate 8+

In the early hours of the Saturday afternoon, the Mens intermediate 8+ made up of cox Amelia Roddy, William Jackson in stroke, Jack Lockett in 7, Piers Hunt in 6, Luke Mellors in 5, Tima Malikov in 4, Joseph Aldridge in 3, Sam Pepper in 2 and Callum Kemp in bow seat, took to the water to tackle the 5k course.

Holding onto a high rate of 30 throughout the race, the men stormed down the Tyne. In the last straight, a Manchester crew blocked their path, but that didn't stop the men, who stayed focused, and supported each other through to the finish line, pushing up to rate 32 for the final sprint where they managed to overtake. Though a frustrating moment in the race, this highlighted the determination of the Liverpool mens crew, who did not deter from their goals and fought their way to an impressive result.

Womens intermediate 4x

The Saturday of BUCS Head saw LUBC another great achievement in the Women's intermediate 4x, made up of Charlie Widdowson in stroke, Bekah Hagan in 3, Jess Franklin in 2 and Lucy Fraser in bow.

A tough race having just worked for bronze in division one, the women put their all into every stroke, having just seen the great things they are capable of.

“It was an amazing race and we genuinely couldn’t have gone any harder. I'm excited to see what happens in Regatta season!”- Charlie Widdowson

Womens intermediate 4+

Following such a strong sweeping performance in the earlier hours of Saturday, the Women's intermediate crew made up of cox Tariq Jameel, Ellie Cater in stroke, Grace Newport-Tucker in 3, Johanna Thielemann in 2 and Georgia Silver in bow seat, were eager to find out what else they could achieve as a crew. In spite of tougher conditions and having already completed 5k in the morning, the enthusiasm and determination was still just as high, as the women made their way up to the start line.

Finishing strong with LUBC cheering on from the side, the women came in 8th for LUBC and should be incredibly proud of this achievement.


Division 1

Mens Beginner 8+

Sunday was an incredibly successful day for our Mens Beginner 8+, achieving their first Silver of the day. This was a strong and powerful crew made up of Cox Callum Kemp, Roddy Carter in Stroke, Rob Harris in 7, Tima Malikov in 6, Hector Glover in 5, Matt Paver in 4, Will Edwards in 3, Leo Cowie in 2 and Harvey Long in Bow. Having won all their races so far, the Men were feeling confident of a good result, keen to hunt down the other crews just as they had done previously.

Cox Callum Kemp kept a beautiful line as the Men raced down the Tyne. Staying strong at a high rate of 30 throughout the race, the Men were able to show off the results of hard work and a dedicated training plan. The ability to keep a clean high rate and still maintain great power and technique, is the very thing that separated LUBC’s men from other crews, supporting one another with every stroke through to second place.

Overtaking three crews, including Manchester and Loughborough, LUBC were certainly a force to be reckoned with, crossing the finish line with the cheers of LUBC from the banks..

“We were only six seconds off Durham so hopefully in the Regatta we can come back in full force!”- Matt Paver, 4 seat

LUBC Mens Beginner 8+ have shown themselves to be a strong crew, and the club is excited to see what else they can achieve as they develop further and race in the coming weeks.

Division 2

Womens Beginner 8+

By the time Division 2 rolled around, the wind had picked up and the river had become increasingly more choppy, but that wasn’t to affect the mindset of our Women's beginner 8+, who in winning White Rose Head and in witnessing the Beginner Men's earlier success, were eager to take to the water to show Newcastle what hard work can do. A strong Womens Crew made up of Alice Taylor in Stroke, Alice Simms in 7 , Rosie Boden in 6, Ellis Tubb in 5, Hannah Green in 4, Jennifer Overend in 3, Emma Warhurst in 2 and Niamh Peakman in Bow, the women had the excitement of being coxed by one of their own Beginner women Amelia Roddy, whos equal determination to win drove the crew down the Tyne.

Having raced the Manchester Beginner Women’s 8+ previously at Novice race day in 2021, the women set themselves the goal of an overtake during the course of the race. Not only was this achieved, but it was achieved with just 7 rowers at that time due to a gate malfunction, as cox Amelia Roddy kept great composure whilst steering round the inside of their crew. Despite a competitive race, the Manchester women showed great sportsmanship, commenting on the speed of the LUBC crew post-race.

Watching Womens Vice Captain Lucy Fraser run alongside the Women's 8+ to the finish line, was another beautiful capture of the values LUBC withhold, supporting one another to the end from inside and outside of the boat.

The crew finished in an impressive 5th place. This was the highest place the Beginner women had finished since 2016, when 10th place was achieved. As a club we are very excited to see what the Women will achieve in the coming year, as they are only just getting started.

Mens Beginner 4+

“The first time was so nice, I had to do it twice.”

With one medal under their belts, the Men’s Beginner 4+ eagerly took to the water once more, with high intentions of keeping up their winning streak. Coxed by the Club President Callum Kemp, Roddy Carter, Will Edwards, Tima Malikov and Hector Glover made for a near unbeatable four, taking silver at BUCS once more.

Despite the wind picking up, and having already completed one 3k race, the Men made their way up to the start line, excited to see what else they could achieve. Cox Callum Kemp was beautifully aggressive and drove the perfect line throughout, and despite a small wobble at the start, the men delivered, confidently overtaking multiple crews. Due to rougher conditions in this race, the men certainly had their work cut out for them, but in keeping calm and arriving into calmer waters on the final straight, they were soon able to put more power down and overtake two crews just before the finish line.

Finishing just 19 seconds off Durham in 1st, the crew showed great future potential. We look forward to seeing what the men will go on to achieve in future races, as they are certainly ones to watch.

Round up

Overall, LUBC had many fantastic achievements at BUCS Head, and it is particularly wonderful to see the progress the club has made since racing in Newcastle in previous years. Claiming 12th place overall, the club are very proud of everyone who contributed to a fantastic set of results.

Head Coach Patrick Home states "BUCS Head was a great demonstration of how a small club with a big heart and a strong work-ethic can punch above its weight. It was brilliant to see our crews sharing top 3 positions with big programmes such as Durham and Newcastle. The potential of this club is exactly why I wanted to coach here."

As a club, we look forward to seeing what else we can achieve, as we head to NOE Head in the coming week.

-Ellis Tubb


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