Why should I join rowing?


Rowing is a great team sport and because we train together regularly you will build up close friendships quickly. Also, as a sport, it is highly physical so you will notice fitness improvements very quickly. You will have the chance to compete at a number of races across the country, including BUCS Head, BUCS Regatta, Head of the River Race, and Henley Royal Regatta.

How will COVID-19 affect the year?


At the moment, we’re somewhat in the dark in terms of how COVID-19 will affect the year. As we are generally quite a socially distanced sport already, we’re hoping that we won’t have to make huge changes, though training and transport will have to be limited to groups of 6 for the moment. We will continue to post updates on the Facebook page for new rowers as we find out more information.


How often do you train?


Senior crews train 9 to 11 sessions a week whilst new rowers will only be on the water 2 or 3 times at the beginning of the year. There will be indoor rowing and circuit sessions also.


What about the early mornings?


At LUBC, new rowers won’t have early mornings. Wednesday water sessions are held in the afternoon whilst weekend sessions are late morning/early afternoon. Seniors will have morning weights or morning ergs 2-4 times a week depending on where we are in the season.


Do I need to be strong and fit before joining?


No. The level of training means that you will increase fitness and strength, noticing huge improvements very quickly.


How much will rowing cost me?


Membership to join the boat club costs £45. This is a standard amount that all individuals will have to pay to join any university sport. It includes insurance costs and money to keep the club going. On top of this, there will be small costs for transport to and from Runcorn Rowing Club (where we train) and optional costs if you would like to buy rowing kit.


How will I get to and from rowing?


We row at Runcorn Rowing Club, approximately a 30-minute drive from campus. We provide transport to and from Runcorn, using minibuses and current rowers’ cars. Lifts will be available from campus and the Brookhouse (on Smithdown Road). This will all be organised by us and details will be posted on the Facebook page.

Should I buy a university gym membership?


Ideally yes. All of our land training takes place at the University gym (for weights and circuits) or at Greenbank University Halls (for ergs/rowing machine training). Buying a university gym membership gives you access to both gyms saving you from buying one-off gym sessions which quickly become expensive.


What are the socials like?


Usually, we have regular socials, including parties and nights out in town. We also have our ‘main’ socials throughout the year. These include cocktail nights, a Christmas ball, AU nights, and ‘boat races’. As you can imagine, this year will be slightly different. We’re hoping that we can still organise social meet-ups but it is more likely to be virtual or in small groups. Follow this Facebook group to see updates.


How often do you compete?


Rowing differs from other team sports like football and rugby. Rather than competing weekly, we work towards a handful of races per year. There are 3-5 head races in the winter months (competed in a time trial format) and 2-4 regattas per year (side by side racing).


Any other questions...


Please send an email to livunibc@gmail.com or contact the appropriate captain for you on Facebook (found on the committee page).

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