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LUBC headed to Newcastle once again for BUCS Head. After so many people graduated last year we were keen to prove that Liverpool still has big potential, and in the run up to the race training has been intense. We’ve had plenty of test ergs and lots of weights and water sessions, including a club time trial at the end of January.

For the novices, this was the biggest race they had competed in to date, with the last race being BUCS Novice Eights Head on our home stretch at Runcorn. This race was only 750m so the idea of racing 3km was a challenging one. However, the hard work paid off and they came home with some heavy necks!


Division 1:

Womens intermediate 8+

After the amazing results of the intermediate 8+ last year, the girls had big boots to fill. Despite having a full crew change from last year, and most of this years crew only learning to row last year, we are all very happy with the results.

The boat was made up of cox Katie Byrne, Georgia Silver (stroke), Rosie Boden (7), Ellis Tubb (6), Alice Taylor (5), Alice Simms (4), Emma Warhurst (3), Jenny Overend (2), Natasha Egger (bow), and the hard work put in over the past few months definitely paid off. With the aim of top 12 in mind, they pushed consistently through the 5k course despite the windy conditions and came 11th; only 3 seconds off the top 10 and with 35 crews competing. The women’s squad is improving with every session, so we look forward to seeing what results they can get in the upcoming races.

“We have shown others that we have potential, and I for one am excited to continue to guide the women’s squad as we attack regatta season together” - Ellis Tubb, Womens Captain

Mens intermediate 4x

By the time the quads had started their race the wind had picked up even more, with a strong headwind against them and some choppy water. However, this didn’t hold back our crews, who powered through the course.

The first crew was made up of Joe Aldridge (stroke), Will Barker (3), Roddy Carter (2), and Rob Harris in bow. The second crew was made up of Nick Sunderland (stroke), Will Edwards (3), Lee Blythin (2), and Alfie Champion in bow. Both crews secured some strong results despite the conditions.

“I enjoyed racing and steering the 4x at BUCS Head, although the weather conditions did not make it easy. A heavy headwind and lots of rain dampened our rate at times, but our spirits were never in doubt.” - Rob Harris

Mens intermediate 4+

The mens 4+ also powered through the wind down the Tyne achieving some great results. They placed 11th and were less than 10 seconds off the top 10 whilst battling 30 other boats.

The crew made up of Leo Cowie (stroke), Hector Glover (3), Oliver Wisbey (2), Ben Fleming (bow) put their all into every stroke whilst cox Amelia Aykroyd kept a strong line down the course. They stayed determined despite the gusts of wind and continued battling when other boats couldn’t .

Division 2:

Mens intermediate 8+

Thankfully the strong winds dropped for the second division, and with much calmer water, the mens 8+ took to the Tyne once again for their second race of the day.

The crew of Katie Byrne (cox), Joe Aldridge (stroke), Rob Harris (7), Roddy Carter (6), Hector Glover (5), Oliver Wisbey (4), Will Barker (3), Leo Cowie (2), Ben Fleming (bow) achieved an amazing result despite having raced 5k in the morning and rowing against the tide. They sped down the course making sure that all the training from the past few months meant something for their last race of the day.

“The senior men demonstrated great power in their race, especially as we overtook Birmingham and UCL, leaving them in clear water by the end of the race. It was certainly an exciting race to cox with an impressive result achieved.” - Katie Byrne, Cox Captain

Womens intermediate 4x

LUBC had two crews racing in the intermediate 4x. The first boat was made up of Natasha Egger in stroke, Jenny Overend in 3, Lydia Willis in 2, and Lucy Gowling in bow. Setting off strong with a high rate they put their all into the race, pushing through the pain cave right until the finish line.

The second crew was made up of Charlotte Martin (stroke), Emma Warhurst (3), Rosie Foster (2), Ellie Atkinson (bow). They also gave their all to the race and despite the tough competition with nearly 30 crews competing achieved a great result.

Womens intermediate 4+

After a successful race for the 4+ at Fours Head, the 4+ came to BUCS head with determination and gave their last race of the day everything they had.

The crew made up of Rosie Boden (stroke), Alice Simms (3), Ellis Tubb (2), Georgia Silver (bow), and Amelia Aykroyd (cox) pushed right through to the end of the race, with other members of LUBC cheering them on from the side and finished with a strong result, showing promise for regatta season.


Division 1:

Womens beginner 4+

This was the first big away race for the novices, and the hard work and dedication clearly paid off. Despite not having a lot of practice in fours, both crews performed outstandingly.

The first crew was made up of Ruth Burlison (stroke), Daisy GIlder (3), Elin Robinson (2), Emma Banks (bow), and Amelia Aykroyd (cox). In the second boat there was Lucy Morse (stroke), Katie Bellhouse (3), Samantha Grice (2), Edith Brophy (bow), and Katie Byrne (cox).

This was the longest race they have competed in, with the last one being 750m. But, they stayed strong right until the end, getting some big results and showing huge potential for regatta season.

Division 2:

Womens beginner 8+

The womens 8+ made history for LUBC, achieving a silver medal for the club. They were also only 10 seconds off the Edinburgh crew and a gold medal.

The crew was made up of Katie Byrne (cox), Ruth Burlison (stroke), Emma Banks (7), Elin Robinson (6), Daisy Gilder (5), Anna Kirby (4), Katie Bellhouse (3), Samantha Grice (2), Ellie Hammond (bow). We are so excited to see how well they do for the rest of the year, especially with the upcoming races WEHoRR and North of England Head.

“In their first big race, this years beginner women have set a great precedent for what should be a very good year for them by achieving a silver medal.” - Katie Byrne, Cox Captain

Mens beginner 4x

The mens beginner quad made even more history for the club with LUBC’s first ever gold medal at BUCS head.

The boat was made up of James Box at stroke, Chris Wood in 3, Oliver H-B in 2, and Alex Burroughs in bow, and they absolutely smashed their category. Nothing was stopping them as they powered down the 3k course to bring home their medals, beating every other crew and even overtaking some of the women’s eights ahead of them. For Alex, this was his first experience steering in a race and he did an incredible job of keeping a good line, ensuring there was nothing stopping them getting their well earned victory.

Round up:

It was an amazing weekend for LUBC, and we have once again made history for the club at a BUCS event, proving that we are not a club to forget about. In particular, our novices will be the ones to watch for the rest of the head season, and for regatta season.

“BUCS Head was a great example of how hard work can pay off. The beginner women made Liverpool history, coming second in the 8+, and the senior women hit their target of top 12 in the intermediate category. This was a huge step in the right direction for the whole squad, and proof that the sky is the limit in university rowing, no matter the size of the club.” - Ellis Tubb, Womens Captain

“I’m super proud of both mens squads on their performances at BUCS, they have set us up well for the remainder of this years head season!”

Now we continue with the hard work as we go into our next races including WEHoRR, NOE Head, and HORR. Keep up to date with our results and progress on our instagram page (@livunibc).

- Jenny Overend (Fundraiser and Promotion)


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