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LUBC Novice Race Day

Our senior squad took a step back this weekend and our novices had their turn in the spotlight with our first Novice Race Day in 2 years. Everyone was in high spirits as the event ran smoothly under our first snowfall of the year in what was a great afternoon for all clubs involved. The 750m race ran along the Weaver Navigation from the swing bridge to Runcorn Rowing Club and offered all the excitement and thrills that have come to be expected from the event.

Division 1: Men’s 8+

Our Beginner Men’s first ever race was kicked off in style as Elizabeth Lee coxed a first 8+ of William Barker, Harvey Long, Tima Malikov, Roddy Carter, Matt Paver, Will Edwards, Leo Cowie and Hector Glover to victory over tough competition from both Lancaster, Manchester, and their fellow crewmates in the 2nd 8+. Georgia Silver steered the boat of Finn Crowther, Rob Harris, Will Berrill, Luke Amarn, Joseph Davies, Alfred Champion, Nick Sunderland and Lee Blythin to a solid finish, just a couple of seconds behind Manchester, a great foundation which they can build on to push other universities all the way as the season goes on. For the boys, it was a great way to cap off a tough week after some big scores on their 1k rate 24 erg tests by taking an excellent win on home water.

Division 2: Women’s 8+

The snowfall got heavier over the lunch break but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits as the women were raring to get their first race under their belts. Ever present for LUBC, Georgia was back in the driving seat for Alice Taylor, Niamh Peakman, Hannah Green, Ellis Tubb, Rosie Bowden, Amelia Roddy, Alice Simms and Alice Hilary. The girls had a tough race, not enjoying the glassy flat water of the first division as the wind picked up, but still managed to finish only a few seconds behind the other crews. Congratulations to Lancaster and winners Manchester University for edging LUBC’s other entry of Sofia Camporese (Cox), Emma Warhurst, Jennifer Overend, Lucy Brett, Madeline Pulling, Georgia Armitage, Catie Biddle, Lydia Willis and Katie Byrne to take the medals back up the M62.

What’s Next?

It’s a week back on the ergos and the Weaver for our novice squads as they join the seniors at White Rose Head. Both the men’s and women’s squads will be hoping to carry the valuable experience they gained from this weekend into the grueling 3 kilometres upstream on the Ouse with their first taste of a real, long head race to cap off an incredibly successful and enjoyable first semester in the sport.

A huge thanks to Lancaster and Manchester for coming to compete and make the event possible and to our seniors and Runcorn Rowing Club, without whom we couldn’t have pulled this off.

-Scott Marshall


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