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We row on the river Weaver which covers a huge distance of around 16km.

Situated between two locks the river is almost never in flood, which makes for a fantastic venue all year round. 

The river is situated on a canal trust, creating some exceptional sights of beauty.

All this makes the river Weaver one of the best places to row in the North-West

The Boats

IMG_3490 (1)_edited.jpg

Boasting a new men's, and a new women's Fillipi 8+ our equipment helps us achieve greater and greater goals each year.

We also have an army of smaller vessels such as Hudson 4- and a Fillipi 4+.

We are also permitted access to a large array of Runcorn RC boats which allows for diverse water sessions.

Greenbank Studio


As well as the uni gym we have access to a large studio for erg training.

Rigged with projectors and speakers this is a great location to make some UT2 fly by.

S+C Training


In Vine Court,  our senior athletes get one-to-one strength and Conditioning training, where Sport Liverpool provides us with a trainer, Phil, who helps with mostly anabolic training.

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