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BUCS Regatta 2019

May bank holiday weekend saw 32 of our athletes compete at BUCS Regatta in Nottingham. After a very challenging yet successful training camp, everyone was excited to see what we could achieve over the weekend against all other university crews.

On Saturday, we had our Novice Men’s 4+, Senior Men’s 8+ and Senior Women’s 4x all competing. The Novice Men did exceptionally well in their time trial, securing them an A/B semi final. After a tough race, they placed 5thand proceeded to the B final. In the final they finished in 5thplace, a fantastic achievement for this crew. We look forward to what the can achieve in the next year as part of the senior squad. The Senior Men’s 8+ had a challenging day with some extremely tough competition. They secured a D final and finished 6thin this, just behind a Newcastle crew. The Senior Women’s 4x rowed solidly in their time trial, but unfortunately did not make a final.

Sunday saw our Senior Women’s 8+, Novice Women’s 4+ and two Senior Men’s 4+ race. The Novice Women rowed extremely well in their time trial, securing them a D final. Having placed last going into this final, the girls surpassed expectations by coming 4thoverall. The 1st and 2nd Men’s 4+ rowed well in the time trial; unfortunately the 2nd4+ did not qualify for a final, however the 1st 4+ made it into the D final, coming 2nd in this. The women’s 8+ had a great time trial, securing an A/B semi final. Following this, they made it into the B final and came 5th.

On Monday we had two Senior Women’s 4+, two Senior Men’s 2-, and a beginner 1x competing. Callum Kemp, having only trained in a single a handful of times, rowed very well in the time trial, however just missed out on a final. The two Senior Women’s 4+ came 2ndin the F final and 4thin the E final. The two men’s 2- came 3rdin the D final and 3rdin the C final.

Well done to all competitors on a successful weekend. A special thank you to Dan Overfield and Lydia Beeken for hosting us all and also to Geoff Norman for trailering us for the weekend! We look forward to an exciting summer rowing season.

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