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Last head race of the season.. HORR/WEHORR

The club travelled to London last weekend to compete in the annual Head of the River Race. Following the cancellation of WEHORR, the top 100 women’s crews were invited to race, so we sent our top Women’s VIII as well as our top Men’s VIII to compete in an exciting day of racing. For some, this was the first racing experience on the River Thames, but the conditions were perfect and everyone was looking forward to an enjoyable yet challenging day.

The men’s 1st VIII rowed exceptionally well. Their hard work throughout the year enabled them to place 108th overall. Having placed 159th in 2018, this was a huge improvement and we look forward to seeing what they can achieve in regatta season.

The Womens 1st VIII had a solid row. Unfortunately, around 3km into the race, 6 seats blade came out of the gate. However, the girls were able to overcome this mishap and gave it their all to the end. They came 21st overall out of the 23 crews that entered.

An impressive number of LUBC alumni were also racing for various clubs around the country. Oli Wilkes secured a win in the Oxford Brookes 1stVIII, an exceptional achievement. Oli has excelled in his rowing career, and as a role model within our club, he has proved that you can be the best if you work for it. Ben Heap also made his presence known on the tideway, securing 8th place overall, rowing in Imperial Collage’s 1stVIII. Pete Robinson, now rowing for Molesey Boat Club, came 15th in the 2nd VIII. Fraser Morgan also had an impressive row, finishing 38th in the UL 2nd VIII. A special mention should also go to all of our alumni at Royal Chester Rowing Club; Pat Home placed 42nd in the 1st VIII and Jordan Simons, James Brown and Jack Hayes came 109th.

As this head season comes to a close, it is important to reflect on the experience gained and lessons learnt from this crucial time in the year. All members have dedicated a huge amount to the club, whether it be training, fundraising, or organising race weekends. It is the member’s consistent commitment and love for the club that enables it to continue to grow and welcome new members year in year out. Next up is our training camp at Lake Windermere, where we hope to solidify our fitness and technique, as well as integrate our novices into the exciting regatta season to follow.

LUBC Men's 1st VIII

LUBC Women's 1st VIII
Jordan Simons (7 seat), James Brown (5 seat), Jack Hayes (3 seat)
Pat Home (3 seat)
Ben Heap (4 seat)
Fraser Morgan (3rd from right)
Oli Wilkes (6 seat)

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