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Christmas Charity Rowathon

On Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of December 2018, LUBC completed their annual ‘rowathon’ in Liverpool City Centre to raise money for both Claire House Children’s Hospice and the club. This entailed two at a time, each rowing for one hour from 9am to 6pm, whilst 4 people collected the kind donations from the public. Everyone in the club took part, each alternating throughout both days, despite the cold and rain. We were just lucky to not be rowing through a snow blizzard, which happened last year! On the first day we made a great start, raising £270.56 and on the second we raised £156.94, creating a total of £427.50 - 40% of which has gone to Claire’s House. It was a great way to fundraise and to tell the public what we are all about - we even met a couple of LUBC alumni. It was another successful LUBC Christmas Rowathon, and we look forward to many more to come!

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