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BUCS Head 2018

Last weekend, LUBC headed to Newcastle to compete in BUCS Head on the River Tyne. After the cancellation of the Novice category last year, for many this was their first chance to compete in this head race, so were excited to show what they could do and see where we placed against our University competitors.


Saturday saw our Novice 8's head out to face the Beginner’s 3km course. Division 1 saw the Men’s Beginner 8+ battle it down the course, completing the race in a time of 11:02.7, coming 9th in a field of 23 crews, an impressive showing. Following a lunch break, Division 2 commenced, seeing our Women’s Beginner 8+ head out to show us what they could do. Conditions had worsened since the morning, and the course was shortened, but they did not let this hold them back and they finished the course in a time of 11:12.6, coming 11th out of a field of 27.


After a night’s rest, Sunday saw our Senior Squads head out to race. Division 1 saw the Women’s 8+, and Men’s 4x and 4+ race over the tough 5km course. After a long, cold wait at the top, the 8+ had a good race, finishing 20th with a time of 17:33.2. It was the first time that the 8+ had managed to row as a crew, never mind race together, so we were happy with the result.

The quad had a very impressive race coming in 7th with a time of 15:50.7, overtaking two crews and coming off the water very happy with the result. The men’s 4+ came in 26th with a time of 17:51.3 and felt they had had a good row together, despite them all looking on the hypothermic side when they got back on land.

Over the course of a quick carb load in the break, conditions had worsened considerably, and the decision was made to shorten the course to the beginner length of 3km and split the second division in two.

Part 1 of Division 2 saw our Men’s 8+ take on the choppy conditions. The general consensus from the crew was that it wasn't the best row the crew have had together, but it certainly wasn't the worse. They came in 32nd with a time of 9:23.7, a result that has been taken on board to make improvements from for HoRR, and every one enjoyed the racing - despite the conditions!

Part 2 of the division had our Women’s 4x and 4+ race. After a long wait from the original time of the division, the girls were ready to show what they could do. The quad had a great row until unfortunately crabbing twice 100m from the line. Despite this the girls brought it back and came in with a time of 11:47.7, placing 13th. The four had an very impressive race placing 10th with a time of 10:47.9.

The weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by all, despite the cold, and an impressive show of racing was made. We look forward to the next couple of weeks where we take on Runcorn Head on our home river before we head to London for Women’s Head of the River Race and Men’s Head of the River Race on the 10/11th March.

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