Liverpool University Virtual Head

Saturday 12th December: 5000m Senior Race

Sunday 13th December: 1500M Novice Race

Friday 27th November 5PM

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In the absence of races this season, Liverpool University Boat Club will be hosting a Virtual Head race to close off the calendar year. 


This event is 100% virtual and participants can row in their own home with an erg. Competitors will only need:

A Concept 2 Rowing Machine

A USB (V2) A-to-B Cable

Windows laptop/tablet 

A stable internet connection.

This Virtual Race allows clubs to enter rowers in crew sizes of either a single, double or quad and the app will work out the average splits of that crew. Each event also has a Weight Corrected category. 

A demo can be found here:

Crews do not need to be in the same location during the race so please ensure all Government/BR Rules are followed during the race.


The Senior event is 5000m long and will be on Saturday 12th December. This is a good chance for senior rowers to compare themselves to other rowers and to get a current 5k test time.

The Novice event is 1500m long and will be on Sunday 13th December. This will be an excellent first race experience and a great way to see how your novices compare to other Universities.

Medals will be awarded to the winner of each category and shipped to your club.


Entries Close Friday 4th December


If you have any questions, please email us at